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Target | Alameda and Colorado Blvd | Decently Stocked

Target | Alameda and Colorado Blvd | Decently Stocked


11:30 am

Community Member Update

Store Summary:

Though it seemed like this Target was never going to be able to catch up there may be a bit of light at the end of the tunnel.

Good If You Are Looking For:

The Target in Glendale has begun to catch up with it’s stock.  SEEMS TO BE WELL STOCKED. THIS IS A TARGET SUPERSTORE

Skip if You Are Looking For:

They are still out of stock of toilet paper, paper towels and most household cleaners.


Paper Towels


Toilet Paper


Bottled Water


Baby Wipes

Store Location

Department Stock Levels

Produce 70%
Meat/Seafood 50%
Deli 60%
Bakery 70%
Dairy 50%
Frozen Food 70%
Canned Food 60%
Household 20%

Stock Levels

Produce 90%
Meat/Seafood 60%
Deli 90%
Bakery 90%
Dairy 30%
Frozen Food 60%
Canned Food 60%
Household 30%

Store Location

Store Images


  • Aileen Smith


    I need toilet paper, paper towels, fresh fruits and vegetables. Thank you.

    • Brice Wheeler


      We are on the hunt. Toilet paper is the 1 one hardest to find item at the moment followed by paper towels, but we do see them when we are out. We can message you directly the next time we get confirmation on a location that has paper goods. Produce is come=ing back into stock. King Soopers on Quebec st and the one in University Hills are stocked up. The Sprouts on Colfax has been keeping most produce items in stock as well.

    • Brice wheeler


      They are unloading toIlet paper at sprouts right now!


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